Does anybody here have any tips for fingerpicking speed, I can't do it that fast, actually, I can barely fingerpick at all, I find it to be realllllllly hard
I can sorta do it, but like i said, not too great at it.
If anybody has any tips, tellllll me.
practice? lol
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gotta love the "practice" thing

i started off finger picking and didnt really bother with all that extreme shreading.. just have to get your fingers use to doing it
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I learned slower songs and then sped them up to get my speed up. One example is that clean part to Fade To Black by Metallica, they don't fingerpick it live but it is on the cd and it sounds better fingerpiced. Just learn that and speed it up. I guess that is practice like Covin said.
I'd stick with the practice thing... hahha. I love finger picking myself, you just have to do it enough to get comfortable.
you can go quite fast if you hammer and pull off mix with fingerpicking. try some dire straits, sultans of swing is a good song. knopfler uses only fingerpicking in everything he does, so that is a good place to study if you want to get speed.
i learned classical gas as my first fingerstyle, then i went for easier stuff like stairway to heaven and tears in heaven