Im lookin for a new amp cause the amp i have now blows (marshall mg ) i want a decent one. I was looking at the vox ad50vt its $360. My question is...How good is this amp? tone? volume? could i jam with a band with it?
yea vox is good
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Yes they are quite good and very versatile (but might struggle to do metal)...

50 watts should be enough for a band jam and small gigs.
I've never heard a vox myself, but a friend of mine says he's messed around with a lot of them and was very pleased with the sound they put out.
50 watts will be fine. Vox is good but the only thinkg that could be bad are the effects. If its just like a distortion and a reverb or something like that, go for it. If not I would reconsider. You see, my first amp was a Line 6 Spider and it had so many effects built in that it made Omar rodrigues Lopez's 200+ pedals seem like nothing. at first, I liked it but then it became a problem. The effects were screwing up the sound, the effects werent really that good and there was other crap going on but thats from my personal experience.(Line 6 is a piece of **** too)

EDIT: If I were you I would wait a bit, save up more money and buy a tube amp.
^ Don't judge every amp that has built in effects from a Line 6 spider...

A tube amp will be nice but for the price he has now, the Vox is the best bet.
im really thinkin of the vox i've heard alot of good things about it and it's loud so i could play over a drummer jammin with the band.

EDIT: Would a distortion pedal sound any good on the vox amp? do humbuckers on ur guitar make the tone worse?
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^ A distortion pedal will sound good depending on which pedal it is. And no, humbuckers do not make tone worse. Its just different to a single coil. Some people prefer humbuckers than single coils and vice versa.
Modeling amps typically don't interact well with pedals...I don't reccomend it for pedal use.

For that price, there are plenty of nicer amps you can get...I'd get a tube amp.
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What r some tube amps for that price range that are pretty loud? im kinda limited on money need to get a car soon too.
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^ A distortion pedal will sound good depending on which pedal it is.

I have the 30 watt...do you know of any pedal that would be good? A boss DS-1 or DS-2? Thanks