Alright, I'm new to trying to set-up my own recording studio. Here's what I am wondering:

~What program(s) should I get? Protools, anyone?

~I am able to mic all of the instruments up, but how do i get that straight into my comp?

Right now, I have been recording using a MultiTrack Studio sampler (only can do 4 tracks at a time), using a desktop mic. You can squeeze out a nice little recording, but nothing near professional. I need to be able to record parts of songs to send them to my bandmates via internet. For right now, if I was able to just figure out how to get a direct line to my comp., I would be happy.

Please, help a brotha out.

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Ok you don't want to send straight into the comp, u want something in between.... If you ahve no money and this is the only hope for recording right now, this is the cables u want: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/HosaMono14FMonoMiniMAdapterJack?sku=333092 that plugs into ur comp line in and then plug this into the female part of that:http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/PerformancePlusHeadphoneExtensionCable18?sku=360653 and then plug in the mic to the female of that one. The best thing would be an audio interface though such as an M-audio fast track or A line 6 toneport or Audio buddy, there are many out there, but because I have one and I think it is great I will recommend the line 6 Toneport Ux1 or Ux2, difference us the Ux2 has 2 mic and 2 guitar inputs instead of one. The Interface acts as an external soundcard so it doesnt crap up ur recordings, sending it straight into the comp will. Now, I dont know what budget u are on, But The fast track is $100, the toneport Ux1 is 130$ and the ux2 is $200. Choose depending on ur budget and ur needs. But remember there are more interfaces out there, those are just a few. Now the interface plugs into the comp via USB. u can plug ur guitar directly into the interface using a standard guitar plug and record, no problems. Or u can Mic the amplifer and plug the mic into the interface. A comp mic wont cut it here lol, look at a shure sm57, very very good mic for guitar. The toneport comes with Gear box, a software that models vintage amps and effects and so on, it sounds great, and also a recording program called ableton live, so that covers u up pretty good. U mentioned something about a mixer too. U can buy a Beringher, they are cheap and good and they get the job done, so along with the mic or guitar u can plug the mixer into the interface, this also gives u more mic and guitar inputs if u want them in addition to the ones on the interface. So there u have a great recording setup for a home studio: Guitar/amp-->Mixer/interface--> comp and u are set. Good Luck and keep posting if u have any more questions,


Ps, Link to Toneport , http://www.musiciansfriend.com/prod...Gear?sku=249700
Also if u have a budget let me know so we can work with it.
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