My most recent (finished) recording.

I made it in a guitar duel between Shelby (Cheesemuffin909) and myself. I'm pretty damned proud of it, really. I like it. With some more work, to fix up the bits where my playing was a bit weak, (especially the tapping) I think it could really have some potential.

Hell, even my brother said he liked it. This is the brother I don't get along with at all, the one who hates all my stuff. So that's a good sign

Anyway, here's the link:

It's an instrumental song (no vocals). Not entirely sure of the genre... it's kind of a merging of different genres.
My brother called it "Thoughtful Rock", whatever that means :P

So yeah, crit if you will
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I liked it.I thought it sounded really good and well thought-out.Little bit of polishing up,and maybe soften the tone a little bit and it'll be great.Nice one.

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i agree with the fella.. the song sounded great.. but u need to tweak the tone a little bit more.. because its an istrumental song, so the tone is quite important.. and the bass - put more presence in it..

mind crit me?

you gotta b joking this is crap, not trying 2 b negative just realistic, u could use an industrial buffer & still wouldnt get this song polished. That said, dont give up u have something, just find your nieche.

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^Industrial buffer?
What the hell are you on?

Nice stuff, cool instrumental, but better recording quality and tone would be nice. The Microsoft Sam song is awesome though.
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