Heyyyy guys, uh, what happened to everyone?

Did they all run to the hills? Seriously I stop posting for a few months and I return and some of our boyz are gawn! Can anyone explain? What happened to these d00dz?

Duncan? plz?

Eddy? Does anyone know how At a Glance is doing?

and xEDGEx (I sort of forgot his name), anyone know where he went?

They kinda helped balance out the ****tiness:decent ratio of this forum.
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If I remember correctly Eddy had to step down cause he was going places with his band and such. I may be lying but yeah.
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Duncan started doing drugs and playing Magic The Gathering.


Holy sh*t, magics? Next time you see that guy, flame his ass off.
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Holy sh*t, magics? Next time you see that guy, flame his ass off.

Seriously, Duncan is more man than you could ever be. I love him like a brother.
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Eddy stepped down from modding and this site because of the amount of work he had to do at uni and his band (At A Glance) are really going places and he had no time.

Ross (XEDGEX) hasn't been here for ages due to university and also he found out that he is diabetic, I won't go much more into it as it isn't my place. After my computer died I lost his AIM but I shall try and find it again and let you all know.

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