hey i just bought a jagstang and i'm absolutely in love with it. but the only problem is the pickups suck. i don't know much about pickups so i'm hoping you guys can fill me in a little bit. i've read about them and understand how they work etc.

basically i'm looking at getting a seymour duncan invader or something like that for the bridge (humbucker) and i'm wondering what i should get for the neck pickup (single-coil)

i want a punk/emo/alternative feel to it and still sound good clean. (i've heard the invader isn't good for a clean sound)

jagstangs also come with a pickup on/off switch so i can play with just the invader or just the neck pickup. i've gotten pretty good at switching them on and off during up/downstrokes so that's not too big of a problem.

i guess the biggest thing i'm looking for is a single-coil neck pickup that's got a punk/emo/indie feel to it when it's played clean and will also work well with the seymour duncan invader.

sorry this got a little lengthy
Don't go with the Invader. It doesn't sound very good and it gets very muddy very easily. If you're going with Seymour Duncan for sure then get a JB. It's a bit cliche but it will sound good for you. I don't know much about their singlecoils so I can't reccomend one for you.

Also check out:


Around the same price as Seymour Duncans and they sound much better. Not much in the line of single coils though.



Much more expensive but probably the best pickups I've ever heard. They also have a lot of humbucker and single coil choices.
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