does anyone know any rock music that features a sitar (for example - Pretty Tied Up by Guns N' Roses).

i didn't know where to post this. Doesn't have to be modern.
I couple of Steve Vai and Dream Theater songs have sitar in them but I can't remember their names sorry.
Beatles - Norwegian Wood, Within You Without You
Taxiride - Get Set
Steve Vai - For Love The Of God, Freak show Excess and all over the place (he really likes using that electric sitar he has for rythm parts)
George McFuckin' Harrison.
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the darkness - one way ticket
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I think Electioneering by Radiohead?

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Ahhh does pull me under have one in the beginning?
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Incubus - Nowhere Fast has got some mean sitar in it.
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^ thats a good one

and street fighting man by the rolling stones has some....probably not what youre looking for but thats all i could think of at the time

i think pearl jam has some songs with the sitar in them
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
Stone Temple Pilots - "Transmissions From A Lonely Room"

Some electric sitar by Robert DeLeo.
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Give Me Novacaine by Green Day (I think it's that song. It's certainly on AI)
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Dream Theater - Home
in the intro has got some effects and scales setup so its sounds like a sitar
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the darkness - one way ticket

Alot of people have been saying that it's just a guitar with "sitar-sounding" effects...
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The Smashing Pumpkins - Luna

It has a sitar sound to it...may just be the guitar effect.


the darkness one way ticket to hell and back solo, live they use synth, the recording was sitar apparently, either way it sounds ace
The secret track on Smash by The Offspring that starts 5 minutes after the title track ends has sitar.
Don't come around here no more - Tom Petty

Mike Campbell plays a real sitar in this one.
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Love To You, Within You Without You, Norwegian Wood- The Beatles
Lots of Brian Jonestown Massacre (the lead singer, who's completely nuts, spent their advance money from the record company all on new sitars )
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The Smashing Pumpkins - Luna

It has a sitar sound to it...may just be the guitar effect.

Billy Corgan[unlatching instrument case]: This here's my sitar.

MC: Oh. Oh yeah? Are you using that a lot on the record?

Billy Corgan: No. We just think it's really cool to show people that we have a sitar. [has trouble opening case.] So cool that we can't get it open.

Luna does have a sitar though.

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The only one I can think of is Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, but they're Classic Rock.
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