Hey all UG'ers , ive been playin for about a year and bit now and am at a quite IMO good level.But i cant seem to build a sucessful practice routine into my playing?
Perhaps a few tips from you lovely people would be much appreicated
ummmm practice as much as you can, learn theory as that is your building block, study other styles of music
Oh man, I wrote a really long and nice post about it, but then my mouse glitched and closed the window accidentaly, and I'm definitely not rewriting that post. :P

Long story short - If you're playing for a year and are good already, and feel like your skills are progressing just fine still, there isn't anything to worry about. If you do feel like your practice sets need improvement, I suggest you check out Petrucci's Rock Discipline or Wild Stringdom, both have a part dedicated to practice regimes, and have a very nice system you could adopt too.

Bah ok I'll write it up briefly one more time.

Basically this system works like this; you split all your info on guitars into several sections and sub sections. (ie, Technique > arpeggios, sweep picking, tapping, etc; Theory - sight reading, harmonizing, etc; improvisation; and so on)
Then you put all your info under the appropriate sections, all your articles/licks/etc, group them all. Then when you prepare to practice, allocate some time to each section, and select a few pieces you're going to work on during that allocated time.

So you have say, 4 arpeggio examples, 5 minutes each; 4 tapping examples, 5 minutes each; 2 sweep picking exercises, 10 minutes each; 4 scale exercises, 5 minutes each; 20 minutes on sight reading; 20 minutes on harmonizing; half an hour improvisation 'session' - and voila, here's your practice session.

Next day, choose different 'topics' to work on, and different licks/tabs to develop. There you go, you have a practice schedule that's hella easy to customize, doesn't get boring, and is pretty effective.

Dedicate 10 minutes every day to searching/adding new material to your database, and you'll never run out of new stuff to practice, keeping your things fresh and fun; and in a year or two, you'll have a huge categorized library of guitar knowledge you'll be proud of.

Hope this helps

edit: if this is a bit too vague, let me know and I'll try to explain better; or I can give you a few examples of my own practice sets/list my own categories, if you'd like.
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OK I got this out of total guitar and it works this is for a 45 minute practice session obviously you can make it longer if you need to.
1. 0 - 10 mins warm up excercises
2. 10 - 15 mins scales practice them witha metronome
3. 15 - 25 mins practice NEW chords not the ones you already know.
4. 25 - 35 mins practice a song that is hard but just within your ability range there are plenty
5. 35 - 45 mins practice some solos and lead work maybe improvise over some backing tracks if you have them.

That is how to properly practice. Playing and practice are different. You can run through songs you know at other times.
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Learn different chords, try putting together chord prgressions, practice scales and then improvise using them, write a song that'll challenge you in terms of stretching, speed and other techniques you need to work on.