Ok, today at Sam Goodys, my friend bought a pretty nice guitar, and while we were there, I tried out the only acoustic bass they had. I forgot the name of it though, and it was made by Washburn. It was $200, acoustic/electric. I kind of liked it.

Does anybody know what it might be? It had a four letter word, and it said "By Washburn" on the box, or something like that. I think the word might have started with an "N" or a "Y".

Thanks for any help.
^Thanks. I used to go into Sam Goody and play guitar constantly whenever I was near one. I've pretty much memorized every product they stock. In fact, I've just about memorized anything that any music store carries. Also, I've only played one or two Lyon basses, and I think that if the had a proper setup, they would be pretty good beginners basses. They're not exceptional by any means, but they are an overall nice package.