I want you guys to help me with a small problem that i have with my guitar...
Almost every time that play, when i play a note the string next to the string that i play start ringing too...and i have tested it a thousand times and i see that i never touch the others strings neither with my picking hand nor my freting hand!!!!
So what's the fu..%^&*..ing problem???Please tell me a solution to that because that thing is driving me crazy...maybe i should lower the volume control on my guitar..??

I have a YAMAHA Pac012 and a LIINE 6 Spider II 15
they're called overtones. Notes that resonate strongly with other strings. It happens because you play a stringed instrument.
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When you hit a string, it vibrates the air around it. Well this in turn causes the vibration of other strings; sympathy ringing if you will. There are several ways to solve this.

1. Use a sock or a wrist band around the first/second fret. Alot of pros do this during solos to kill the overtones and get a clean sounding solo. However, you cannot play open notes this way, as they will be muted.

2. Use your fretting hand as much as possible. Your fingers should always be "leaning" to mute all the strings below the one your playing.

3. To mute the strings ABOVE the one your playing, this is where some controversy comes in. I personally let my wrist lightly touch the bridge of the guitar above the string I'm playing. Some people think this is "anchoring" and a bad habit, but you'll need to do the research on your own and decide for yourself. I make sure it's not planted and that I move my palm as a I move down, but some still frown upon that.