I want you guys to help me with a small problem that i have with my guitar...
Almost every time that play, when i play a note the string next to the string that i play start ringing too...and i have tested it a thousand times and i see that i never touch the others strings neither with my picking hand nor my freting hand!!!!
So what's the fu..%^&*..ing problem???Please tell me a solution to that because that thing is driving me crazy...maybe i should lower the volume control on my guitar..??

I have a YAMAHA Pac012 and a LIINE 6 Spider II 15
strings ringing sympatherically.

Eg: you play the low E string, on the harmonics on that string is also the B at the 7th fret natural harmonic. Those vibratations go into the bridge and transfer into the B string and it starts ringing slightly if you don't mute it.

Sitars work entirley on this principle for the sound they have (the have a set of strings on there that are made ONLY for this purpose. You don't play them, they just start ringing because of the regular strings) as well as the sustain pedal on pianos
Check string intonation etcetc


Get a string dampener

You can fashion a string dampener yourself by getting a rubber band, double ring it and wrap it around the tip top part of the fretboard (not the headstock)
Its called resonance, basic physics. Under the same frequency, other strings that are able to pickup that same frequency will vibrate. For example, if you pluck your open high E string, you can see that your low e string is vibrating too, this is because they have the same frequency (only different in octave and thickness). If you're fretting, lets say 5th fret high E string (thats A), your A string will vibrate too.

Of course, other strings will also pickup the frequency but not as well as the one that has the same frequencies. I suggest that you mute your top 3 strings (bass) with your palm if you're playing on the treble side because the top 3 strings will pickup the frequency better. The bottom 3 strings are tighter and smaller, thus vibrate quicker and sends frequency much better. Even if you're playing the top strings, you wont notice (or notice a bit), the bottom strings ringing.

Work on your muffling technique (stopping the string from moving with your right hand) and keep practicing. Hope this explains everything.
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