i didnt no whether to put this in bass guitar or hardcore but iv put it in hear because you all no what hardcore is.

Do most hardcore bands bass players finger pick or use a pick ?

Which one do test switch isolator do ?
Mostly picks for the faster bands but I personally use fingers.

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fingers look more badass
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what do you think of that?
test switch isolators bassist uses a pick im pretty sure of it, gresat band by the way

i always use fingers cos it gives a much deeper tone, perfect for making songs that little bit heavier, but it can be challenging at times
Most bands use picks. Doesn't really matter but the tone with a pick fits hardcore pretty well. Also playing breakdowns finger style feels really homo. (I play bass by the way)
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Yeah. If you use fingers while playing a heavy breakdown or something, you just feel like an idiot.

It's all preference really.
I find it easier to use a pick on my bass. Try using a strumming pick for electric guitars and acoustics on a bass. It seems kinda weird at first cause those kind of picks bend like a rubber dildo. But, what the hey try it anyways.