Y helo thar

I wanted to ask a few (n00bular, as you'd expect from me) questions about wood.

First of all, I live in Switzerland. There are no stores here like in america or england or whatever. The only wood I can get is spruce or beech (in very limited sizes - barely enough for a fretboard). Would it be possible to build an electric guitar out of this, cos I'm not sure if it's hard enough for a neck....

Second question is:
We all know guitars are rarely made of a single piece of wood. Often it's several planks stuck very tightly together. How does one join wood this way? Is it just glued and clamped or is it a very complicated process?

Thanks in advance
I know I'm a n00b, but we all started somewhere
For a neck: you're going to need maple, or possibly walnut (its usually just used a thinner strip along the length of the neck though with the rest of the neck being maple)
or mahogany if you're making a les paul style guitar

For the fretboard: maple, rosewood or ebony

For the body: alder, ash, mahogany and basswood are the main ones

other than that, its common to glue multiple peices of wood together lengthwise:
to get a basic idea
construction a body http://projectguitar.com/tut/body.htm
consturction of a neck http://projectguitar.com/tut/neck.htm
or look over some of the build threads in this forum
multiple peices of wood glued together length wise and wood glue, preferably sumthing like titebond, and clamped for 24-48 hours depending on if u wanna rush it say 24 and if you want to be positive its dry, 48.