i was wondering, is it ok if i rest my right palm or fingers on the guitar body or strings that i'm not picking?

i'm not doing this because i want to REST my fingers or palm, but because i have more control when fast picking and skipping strings while playing. btw i'm not a fingerstyle player, i use a pick.

i've seen lots of players who use a pick hold their fingers (usually the pinky) on the guitar body just below the strings.
It's called anchoring - check out the thread in the Musician's Talk forum for more info on it. Some people consider it to be a bad technique to get into.
i do it when im picking with a pick i put my pinky on the pick guard and use it as a anchor. and if i picking only the bottom 3 strings real fast i put my palm on the top 3 bass strings.
Anchoring is a very bad habit and actually causes a lot of tension within the forearm and the palm even though they don't notice it.

It although holds you steady, it is not healthy for the joints for long term exertion of a force on it.

Resting you palm on the strings is perfectly fine, no probs.