Ok, I have this fake ibanez, and the Ernie ball slinkies are rusting (I hate those strings, garn, so twangy)
The Slinkies are 9's and I am going to get Elixir 12's, and I think I might have to adjust the truss rod, I usually use drop tuning, about half a step.

Here is a pic of my bridge just incase it matters

So what would i have to do if i change to 11s OR 12s (please assume both)

P.S. One more small question, can I put a whammy bar in that hole? I think its a fixed bridge though
About the whammy bar, check at the back and see whether it has any spring, if it does then you're clear to dive away. You have to check the neck relief before adjusting the truss rod, if the neck relief is normal, then you're good to go.
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yes you can put a whammy bar in it. and you also your bridge may rise up so you will have to open up your trem cavity and play with the springs
Let the strings pull at the neck for about half an hour then adjust the truss rod a little bit to counter the bow ( righty tighty, lefty loose ) and then leave it for about 10 mins and then repeat if needed - you don't want to regret breaking your neck.

Then tune up again and check intonation.

( I don't have a whammy bar - can't help you there but more springs or tighter springs would counteract the extra pull ).
I bought it second hand, and my friend told: 'It's a fixed bridge, silly'

So I am going to check it sometime, not now, because it is too far away (6 feet away!).

Yes, thanks for all your inputs

I assume you tighten the truss rod if there is a higher tension?
Higher tension or lower tension will just confuse you. Truss rod is all about your neck bow and its straightness. I recommend you check your neck relief 1st before attempting to adjust it. (From headstock view) - twisting hex wrench to the right will tighten the truss rod, means that the neck will become straigter, and twisting left will loosen it, making it bow more like banana shape.

To check your neck relief, simply fret the 1st fret and the 16th/17th (where the neck meets the body). See the 8th fretwire, there should be a clearance of at least 0.3mm - 0.5mm roughly between it and the string. If your string is just lying on the fretboard, you dont have any neck relief, you need to loosen your truss rod. If its more than 0.5mm then you have too much, too much will make your playing a lot harder coz the action is higher.

Of course if you want more accurate measurement you can use a capo to fret the 1st fret and use a feeler gauge at the 8th fretwire. Loosening or tightening the truss rod needs to be gradual and slow, take breaks between each turn (approx. 1/8th or 1/4th of a turn). This is to make the neck bend slowly and will not break the inner piece of the neck. You dont need to do this on each string, just the top and low E.
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Thats what she said...

This is the picture of the back of my guitar, there are springs too, can anyone tell me the type of bridge?

Thanks for your input madpickin, i am getting my strings tomorrow and I will tell you when I am done
On original OEM Ibanez, the FAT6 is closest to what you can get to that picture, but its not a FAT6. Its a standard vintage style tremolo, the one that you see in most strats, only that it has black hardware color. You can set your bridge to floating 2-way tremolo but the tunings will run off quickly (try it out 1st if you want) coz it doesnt have any double locking mechanism. Get your strings 1st and i'll tell you how to set it up to 2-way or 1-way, or a no-way.
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Is there anyway I can make it 2 way AND make it double locking cheaply, without bringing it to the guitar guy? And where can I buy a bar for that? Or a substitute?

Wow, madpickin, you are amazing, despite the fact that you have a plywood strat copy, you are totally amazing
, thx dude.

Anyhows, you can but there're a lot of work needs to be done, you need to drill the upper fret at the headstock area to make room for this, need to remove the old nut, probably needs a bit of filing, then you can fit the double locking nut.

And if you ask me, its not worth it, you're better off buying a guitar with good Licenced Floyd Rose (like several good Ibanez) or a fixed bridge. From the look of that picture, i can see that your bridge is cheaply made (maybe by cheap metal) and the routing job done by the knockoff company isnt that good either. Try out 1st to set it to 2-way after you install the strings, then see if your tuning run off completely or just by a mm.

Stewmac.com sell parts for double locking nut and retainer bar
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ok, madpickin, i hereby commend you for being the most awesome person in the EG forums, you are totallicallyballsticumaliciously great!!

I have heard that many people have problems with Floyd Rose tremolo, about its tuning, balance etc.

I am going to buy a new guitar soon, probably an IC series (no trem) or another Ibanez, probably RG or S or the SA series, but I am talking about a few months later. I leaning a bit on the IC series, but the price is a major consideration.

Thank you for you excessively helpful inputs, you even help identified my guitar! Where in my old thread, 30 people can't identify it :P (some even said it was a dean, jackson or a carvin!!)

madpickin, you are totaly awesome

This will be my first time using Elixir strings, especially the 12s
and thx for the exxxessive complement . Btw, take a look at the RG321MH, its a very popular guitar for its price and its awesome.
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Do I have to make any adjustments if I am using 11s instead of 12s?

Because I might be getting 11s instead
Ok, they don't make .12 elixirs, or at least not here.

So I am going to use .11 elixirs, any adjustment needed?
Its just fine i think, but if you want to make sure that your truss rod and your neck bow is proper, check the neck relief. To do this, simply fret the 1st and 16th/17th fret (where the neck meets the body) and see the 8th fretwire. There should be at least a clearance of 0.3mm - 0.5mm between it and the string. Of course if you want more accurate reading, you can capo the 1st fret and fret the 16th/17th fret using ur right hand and using a feeler gauge, measure the clearance using your right hand. Its just roughly approximation, i use my eyes for these. You just need to do this on the high e and low E string only.

If the string is touching your fretboard, you dont have any neck relief. You need to loosen the truss rod by twisting it to the left (from headstock view) and if the string is more than 0.5mm, then you have too much neck relief. Too much neck relief can cause uncomfortable playing since some frets' action are low and some high. You need to tighten the truss rod by twisting it right (from headstock view). Use a hex wrench / allen key to adjust the truss rod, loosening it will make it bow more like banana and tightening it will make it straighter.

If you want to do this yourself, do it gradually and slowly, take rest between 1/8th or 1/4th of a turn of approx. 30-40 mins, an hour or two is better, to make the wood get use to the new adjustment. This is very important to not letting the inner side of your neck break.
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Ok, I got my Elixir 11s today, I will tell you what happens right after I get home

Thanks for your help, Madpickin and everyone
9 to 12 is a huge difference. you're current B string in the set of 9s will be the size of the high e
I'm not racist.

I hate everyone the same.

I actually prefer thicker strings, around 11s to 12s

I just put on my Elixirs, the strings seem a bit tight, but the tone is pretty good, especially on that 60 dollar guitar.

I don't think any adjustment to the truss rod is needed, and well, its gret, the thicker strings are doing really well for me.

I want to mainly thank madpickin for his great contributions and I hereby nominate him as the greatest genius here in UG forum.

Everybody must go kiss his ass (besides me of course ^^)
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