Hi, I have an acoustic and electric guitar and have the exact same problem with both guitars. The higher I play on the b string, the more out of tune that string will be. I don't even think about playing above the 5th fret with this string and at the 12th fret it is almost 1/4 below the proper tuning.

Is there something I can do to correct this? If not, if I had to buy a new guitar, what could I do to prevent this from happening again.

at the bridge, there will be saddles, and a screw on the back of it, tighten/loosen accordingly.

some other people may be able to help you better.
You want to adjust the saddle so it makes the string shorter ( the saddle should move towards the tuning heads ). This makes the string shorter ( sharper ) and should solve your intonation problems. And it'd just be vice versa if it were sharp.
Before you go rushing into changing your intonation, how old are the strings? I suggest trying new strings first. If that doesn't help, then on your electric guitar locate the string saddle and loosen the screw behind it. Then bring your string back up to pitch and check and see if the twelfth fret is in tune. Repeat it until you are set. As for your acoustic, I assume id doesn't have moveable saddles. If that's the case, then try changing the strings, or taking it to a guitar shop and having them set it up.

EDIT: Well a bunch of people beat me to it, but I still say try the strings.
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with acoustics there isnt much u can do.
you can try removing the plastic saddle ridge. perhaps it shifted and a new ridge would fit better, and the guitar would in turn be in tune along the neck.

as for electrics, luckily they are adjustable, like said.

if u need a step by step, repost with ur guitar type.

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