excellent job man!! could a use little practice on the vibratos and bends, but still you nailed it, keep it up!
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Pretty solid job there mate, i liked it alot. Very hard to cover someone with as awesome a tone and whose as just plain perfect as Joe but you more than did the job. Two thumbs up
Sounds good, I like your tone. A few minor slip-ups but nothing too substantial. Very good cover!
Muy buen cover Cumanes. I wanted to cover that same song, its one of my fav satriani songs. Just some little trouble on the bends and vibratos, not much. 8/10

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What's your soundcard or interface? Firewire or USB?

Thanks for the comments guys and take your time to listen it. About the soundcard, i don't know what are you talking about. Mine, is an old sounblaster live.