Ok, I'm sorry the recording up yesterday didn't work, now it does!!
Hey who is this originally by?

The song sounds nice - i also say the vocals r nice as well. The guitar playing is also nice - good job!

Recording however i wouldnt say is amazing but it gets the job done - what did u record with?

ps did someone slap u at the end?
Hey man thanks, originally a really good band named Ten Shekel Shirt did it.

And I just used a computer mic to record it, used sound recorder. MEh...

And yes my friend slapped me lol, i used his computer mic at his house to record it.
sounds really really good, what i think you should do is download audacity (for free) and use its compressor to get all of the sound at the same volume. sometimes your singing gets a little loud and the guitar quiets down

youve got a terrific voice though, amazing

and if you could crit my thread Be Yourself by Audioslave, that would be really cool... even tohugh it sucks bad lol
Very good job, I miss hearing that song. The only problem as people said was the recording, which isn't your fault anyway.
haven't heard that one in a long time! great song and you did a really good job on it also. the guitar was basically flawless and the vocals were pretty good. i'd say that your vocals could improve a little bit, but i really think they will naturally improve for you over time and with practice. you sound like you have a naturally good voice and you just need to kinda get a grip on it i guess. overall i really enjoyed that though!
hey man, i listened to your cover and it was really great!...the guitar was pretty much perfect! when people do vocals it seems like they either mask them with other stuff or do them way too loud, but i think you found a really good medium...you have a good voice, a few tone/pitch issues in there but nothing you cant fix for sure...definitely a solid cover (even though i've never heard the original) with good balance, great job!

crit me?
The guitar is recorded a bit quiet but no fault of yours, but when the vocals came in I had to give it a little smile because its quite nice on the ears. I've never heard the original but I like your cover of the song. Well done my friend, keep that **** up. Peace and respect.
Thanks, yeah I just listened to it again, and I'm off at some points.

Anyone reccomend any sites or tips on vocals? I'm trying to get better, but I can't hit some of the higher notes right. Any tips? Thanks in advance!