have 1 celestion modern lead 70 each. they're 12in, 16ohms, but only rated for 70 watts. so should i not use an amp with more than 70 watts?

the info about these speakers say they're the standard replacement in all marshall 4x12 cabs. but marshalls got a whole lot more than 70 watts. how is this?
don't put more than 70 watts into each. If you are using both, then you can put up to 140 total into them. Just make sure the impedence matches up.

ok, i've read up to pg 16 of the "which amp should i buy/i drive a ford vs. gto/line6 spider2 vs marshall MG" thread, and either i haven't found the exact anser to my question or i just don't understand the in-depth, propellerhead/techno-geek mumbo-jumbo.

so, hear (pun) goes: my 2 speakers (celestion as stated above) are 16 ohms, 70watts each. they are completely separate (ie: they each have their own cabinet and own input jack). obviously i need an amp with 2 speaker output jacks. but what ohms would match up? is it 16?

i like what i've read about the randall rh150d g3. but this is 150watts, 2 channels. this means 75 watts each. so my speakers would not be safe, correct? or are celestions so omnipotently god-like as to be able to handle it? also i can't find what ohms it has, and whether it has 1 speaker-out jack or 2. and whether this amp is stereo or not.

also, from what i gather, an all-tube amp needs to be blasted near maximum to get a good distortion sound. is this correct?

thanks for your help and patience