Probably some of you know about this strats so don't flame me.(I've searched and didn't find any topic about this guitars)
Guitars aren't all made of wood. Fender made some aluminium stratocasters and some telecasters. Those guitars are very rare and very cool. In the 90's fender produced aluminium guitars but some of them had defects and fender stoped making them. Aluminium stratocasters are hollow bodied and apparently they sound as good as wood strats.

You can see pictures and more complete stories on this links:


This would be a nice project.
It's nice, but I bet it sounds terrible. I really don't believe the metal sounds like wood.
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On the links that i posted it says that they sound good. fender made them so they should sound nice. Fender isn't sleeping. An american aluminium fender should be cheaper than an american fender made of wood. The prices would drop and open new possibilities for those that don't have enough money.
It looks pretty cool and rare but I don't think I'd be able to use one. I'm more used to my alder Strat and I trust the fact that the wood wouldn't let me down and aluminium probably weighs like a brick.
If they are hollow body they should be lighter. I would love to have one of them.

edit: les pauls are heavy and everyone loves and plays them.
This is like Satrianis Chrome JS-1200, but his is just a chrome finish i'm pretty sure. At his concert it was so sweet cause all of the light was reflecting off of it and it light the whole room up with beams of light, it was godly.
Aluminium is REALLY light, so weight isn't a problem. Its not very dence, so tone might be a little iffy. I would still buy one if I had the money, for a the sake of owning an aluminium guitar.
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Aluminum is heavier than wood, trust me I worked in a machine shop for years that dealt almost exclusivly with aluminum.

A body made out of 6061-T4 aluminum would be about 15 pounds in my estimate.
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^but it says that they are hollowbodies.

imagine the possibilities by making diferent metalic leagues
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if u sharpened the guitar, it would be a true "axe"


looks kind of cool, I'm curious
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I wouldn't want one if it was hollow, it'd be waaaaay to easy to dent.

Solid aluminum, though, that'd be sweet.

Or brass!
they would sound very nice indeed, being denser than wood, i considered making an aluminium guitar a while back but realised it wasn't a good "FIRST PROJECT" lol

What sickens me intensly is that guy who collects them as art and doesn't play them... what a bloody waste in my opinion, people like that are just pompous twats with more intrest in looking cool with their expensive strat collection than having sense and use their money to pay for a few lessons so that there's actually a reason for having them in the first place. ARGH!

sorry for the rant.
If they dent, then there must be a solution for it. Maybe using a diferent metal. Maybe titanium........ One thing is sure jimi hendrix would have dificultie on steing an aluminium strat on fire.

If found one more metalic guitar. I don't know whats the metal used but it shouldnt be good:

And i found this interesting link from a company that builds aluminium guitars:

i found this:

See the links. They provide good info about aluminium guitars.
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im having a strat made for me with an aluminium neck

not by fender though

Nice work reviving a relatively unrelated thread.

Anyway, how is an aluminium neck ever going to keep tuning? Metal responds much more to temperature changes than wood.
I already have an all aluminium SG yes there are sometimes tuning Issues but in general its pretty good
I think that the future is not on aluminium. Carbon fiber FTW!!!


This is the ultimate guitar for those who like to make som destruction at shows. Imagine if jimi hendrix or ritchie blackmore tried to break one of these guitars and couldnt do it...