Please don't kill me if this is in the wrong place.
Right, two things.
I'm after a decent sound for muse songs (hysteria and time is running out) it's mainly just the start bit of hysteria and the solo part (the delay)
My gear is in the sig, I really can't afford anything ewlse, but, would still like to hear your ideas.
The other thing is with muse, i noticed when i saw a live video of hysteria, matt seemed to have a really cool sound on his mic, like, it sounded like a wah pedal for a mic? Any ideas, thanks!
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you probably wont be able to get the start of hysteria unless you have access to a whammy pedal
I'm 98% certain the delay bit of the solo is overdubbed.

But a whammy one octave up) should get you pretty close.
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are you talkin about the bass or guitar intro ? i know that chris used 2 big muffs to get the bass sound. and matt uses fuzz factorys alot for his distortion/fuzzy sounds he has them built into his guitar along with mxr phase and knobs to control his whammy from his guitar. the thing on his mic could be one of those voice box thingys, he uses one on the solo to 'showbiz' it baisically means that hes singing through his guitar and the sounds coming out of his distorted marshall amp. it sound as if here has a a bit of a distortion effect coming through his mic aswell on some songs.
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Yeah, I've got the bass sound, some fuzz pedal or other.
I'm using the distortion with lots of boost for hysteria intro (guitar) and it sounds okay, it's just the solo that's off, i've tried it with wah, but it still didn't sound right. I guess it may be waiting for a tremalo pedal then :p
The voicebox thing, i thought it might be something like that, fair play
Thanks a lot!
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