How easy is it to get funding for your band? Right now we are looking for money for the equipment we need to start giging with soon, is there any funding we can look for or try at apply for? I know a site which provides funding for demos, product sales, and touring costs but before I fill out a bunch of paper work I want to know if it is a possiblity or should I be checking out something else?
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You'll find places, just ask around - you might even be able to get council grants or something. One piece of advice would be to be as professional as possible - if you teach other people instruments locally or have any local links then tell them.
Just don't take money from businesses, etc. in exchange for you "advertising" their products when you play.

Nobody likes a sellout!
"well theyre not gonna mind if they have to sell out to gibson are they lol"

Well, the sellouts never mind because they get money / fame / etc with their selloutism -- it's the fans that mind.
Depends on how you do it. I'm sure nobody would hate you if you had a Coca Cola flyer over the stage while you play, especially if that flyer would buy you a new stack. Don't know if/how you can get ads like that though, you probably can't until you get at least some renown.
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