Got a lil' question to you guys.
Let's say i want to figure out a song.
Then the first thing i should do is to figure out what scale it is in right?
But how do i do that?
Kinda lame question ey?
However, i'm thankfull for any help.

Forgot to mention, do I have to master the fretboard.
If so i would like to know what it means and how to do it.
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learn what style it is(blues metal ect.)
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Find out the general area it starts off is, then find what the first note/chord is and work from there.

What do you mean with general area?
I just cant figure out what scale it is in, if it's F# minor or A minor.
I know my scales but i dont know how to figure out which it is in.
So i got my scales and dont know how to use them.

Anyways, there are million notes in the song and if i figure out the first note thats played should i try that note in a certain scale?
I played metallicas bad seed and it started with a C# but the Guitar Pro 5 said it's in A Be-Bop scale.
Now how should i figure it out that it was in A be-bop.