Im wondering, tone aside, what is wrong with the Marshall MG, eg is it the fault of the wiring, the speaker, the panel.. if it is everything, list what everything is.
People just prefer a better tone to be honest. I'm the owner of an MG and it's fine for bedroom guitarists but if you want to gig and stuff, upgrade.
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^ what he said.
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Some people just have their MGs die on them unpredictably. It really is a mark of scorn on the House of Marshall.
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Well. the tone is the main thing that people complain about, but I have heard bad things about their wiring. I've also heard that they break down a lot. I didn't have any reliability issues with mine, but the tone was god awful.
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generally the overdrive is what gets people. i have heard one being played with the gain around 5(or so it sounded) and it really was bad. even my sister (knows nothing about guitars) asked why it sounded weird.

so ye they are bad. also i heard that marshall were stingy on the speaker choice? that they used a very low end speaker but refinished it so people looking under the grille wudnt notice> i dunno just sometuing i read
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I have one.

I think it's a decent amp. Of course I wouldn't use it for a gig or anything.

It's a little pricey. The cleans are pretty good, but it could have a bit more gain.

I generally think it's a pretty good amp, for home use at least.

It hasn't crapped out on me yet.. I've had it for about half a year now.

People just dislike them because they are way over-priced for what you get out of it. They shouldn't be $700. Maybe $200.

People could do better for the price they pay.
I lol'd when you said tone aside.

sorry. tone is the reason amps are better than others. lmao
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I said beside the tone.. reliability is one... speaker I guessed at (Zakk Wylde has a signature speaker, and that is most likely what is in his MG and why he loves it so much)

do they use cheap/faulty wiring?

EDIT: And I said tone aside, because my dad is a retired electrician, and used to do repairs on amps in like.. the 80s, and hes really bored, and has tonnes of parts lying around downstairs, and randomly wants something to work on.
I doubt Zakk actually uses an MG you know...

It's just the component choice, and the programming of the chips.
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I doubt Zakk actually uses an MG you know...

Prolly right.. but I swear to God.. if I see that advertisement one more time...