I've been thinking about getting an Epiphone Elitist Sheraton lately, and the mini humbuckers are one thing that draw me to it. But I figured that getting a Sheraton II and changing the pups would be less expensive. Now, can a guitar routed for regular humbuckers have mini humbuckers put in it? The Sheraton II has regular humbuckers, but I really want the sound of the minis. Or, should I just go ahead and get an Elitist? Thanks for the help.
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mini humbuckers are obviously smaller so you'd have to find a way to mount them if you wanted them in humbucker spaces. if its the mini's that are really grabbing you then go for the elitist. mini's in normal humbucker spacing as far as i know wouldn't look that good. unless you decided to custom make the mountings then that would work

otherwise go for the elitist
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i'm not sure on the specifics of the two models, but if you have a pickguard, you can just order a new one and install normally (assuming the holes line up with each other).

if not, then you'll have difficulty (to say the least) getting the minis into those cavities without having huge gaps around them.