Those numbers are frets. The blue things are the notes you're allowed to play.
the green/blue number is the degree of the note in the scale
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damn that green is hard to read! Where do you get ur music from?!! 0.o''
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its hard to read, but those blue boxes indicate which notes are in the scale you are playing.
In the blue boxes are numbers (sometimes with b infront). These are intervals, play them in order starting from 1 (root) and you'll be playing the scale.
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Quote by TimmyPage06
What the heck scale is that?

Its a C minor scale I know but..

Well, you kinda answered your own question.
Its the C natural (or meloldic descending) minor scale.
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thankyou, i'll try and understand u guys lol, sorry da pic is so small, i had to minimize it to 50kb to fit it in the box