I just installed two EMG pickups in my ESP EX-50. An EMG 60 in the neck and an 81 on the bridge. It works fine with distortion but clean when you flip the swith to the 60 you can't hear it unless you turn it WAY up. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
oo change the 9V in the back if urs has that

sry if im confusing u, my kh-602 uses a 9v battery for its EMGs
it might be due to the difference in the output levels... 81 is way louder than 60... what i could recomend you is try swaping them to check if everything works fine (it's quick with emgs)
^ also- try moving the 60 as close as you can to the strings- and the 81 farther away- so the volumes match

thats probly the problem if you solder and installed them correctly- its happened to me several times
It was actually the switch. I took it to a repair shop and the guy said he had to rewire the switch. It must of got screwed up when my dad sautered it. Its fine now and I have'nt had any problems with it since