I know somebody made a thread comparing a vox valvetronix 30w to a cube 30 with sound clips:


I was just wondering if anyone who owns a valvetronix (15-50w versions) and a real tube amp has any sound clips that they could help me with, or if they know a link to something already like that, so I can hear the difference between the valvetronix and an actual tube amp.

^ the valvetronix is good, but it wont touch a tube amp, tbh. im sure dave_mc could help u out here or danno or loadsa peeps!i will try in a sec!
All tube amps sound different, Whats your price range, and musical style?
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Yeah I know it won't touch a tube amp, I just want to see how big a gap there is so I can decide whether it is worth paying 3x as much for the tube.

I'm also worried that with a tube amp you need to have substantial volume to get the tubes running at a good capacity, so at low volumes it will sound like a solid state, which is the sort of volume it will be running at

It'll only be for practise at home and a bit of band practise, but I don't gig. It is for classic rock, zeppelin, cream (i've already got the clapton pedal) as well a bit of metal/hardrock, mostly rage against the machine and a bit of metallica and pantera. I know the cube60 is better for the metal in terms of solid state amps but the metal is only 10% of what I play so I am more interested in the vox 50w version.
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The thing is everyone always says "get the tube, get the tube", but I can't even run a tube amp at the volume I would need to get any benefit from it, I think I'll probably just wait a couple of years or until (if) my band starts going for gigs then buy a tube amp, I'm thinking the valvetronix 50w should be OK, I just wanted to hear the sound difference so I know how much I'm missing out on
can you afford an attenuator?
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Well I probably could, but a tube amp is already going to cost twice as much as the valvetronix 50w, so I don't really want to get into buying that and then needing the attenuator just to get it sounding better at low volumes

three amps, try them all.

amp one
fender blues jr

i own one, it's $400 new, not to much. sounds GREAT. awesome cleans. it KILLS for classic rock and blues. i can get early metallica tones with out boosting. and i can get to some pretty sweet metal tones with a boost on. (boss blues driver). great little amp, i love it. it's only 15 watts so you can OD with out going deff, but if you need it to be loud, it can do most gigs that a begining band would need (back yards, school talent shows) with out breaking up.

traynor YCV 20
havent tried it, but it's supposed to be very similar to the blues jr with a bit more gain.

ibanez valve bee i think it's called.
$200, high gain head. you'd need a cab to go with it. ask danno about it.
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