Hey all, before I start, I think this is in the right place, just tell me if it needs moving or if there's another thread like this and I'll notify a mod.

Anywho, I basically need a wireless pouch like this one for my transmitter:

Neotech Wireless Pouch

The system I'm using is a Shure ET-GD

Problem is, I'm in the UK and to ship one of those from the US is quite expensive, so does anyone know where I can get hold of one of these in the UK that will fit my system?

Thanks for the help in advance.
Or you could just sew a pouch on. It would be a lot cheaper.
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I don't really trust my sewing skills haha.

But yeah, I'll hit up Ebay, see what they have, thanks.
I have several of those pouches. They suck. Mine always falls all the way down the strap, so I taped them to the strap (with black electrical tape) and the transmitters don't move a bit now.