hi, can someone recomend me song awsome rock songs to play? specialy with only one guitar?? thanks in advance.. i manly like stuff like system of down, 10 years, incubus etc. but im looking for others. thanks again
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Guns 'N Roses.

Nightrain, Sweet Child O Mine, Paradise City, Don't Cry, Don't Damn Me, Coma...

Or, of course, anything by Pantera...
so learn lonely day
try red hot chili peppers under the bridge.. if your into that
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congrats, you made me chuckle at your stupidity.

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i already know under the bridge.. thanks anyway.. for pantera, i realy dont like the vocalist all she (is it she o he??) does is growl,. but thats just me no offense pantera fans.but the guitarists are AWSOME! .. more recomendations plss
the vocalist is a HE and HIS name is phil anselmo and the guitarist is dimebag darell, fyi

crazy train is a fun song to learn!
that female must have taken massive doses of testosterone before shows

yeah that would be Phil and Dime is dead (as we sadly all know)

definatly learn your Sabbath and Back In Black, never ever play BiB normally, mix it up.
anymore non-metal songs? ... honestly i thought phil is a woman no kidding, ..rip dimebag...