yah same here, it just sounds better and then u could edit the parts later, and mess with the volume settings
I have a really crappy recording system, the whole thing is pretty much for practice and to see what I can do. So I record vocals and guitar at the same time, then add other instromentals at different points. It's just easier that way so you can get better at playing and performing.
Unless youre pressed for time and youre doing a demo, seperate tracks, cause if you do it live, it saves money.
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I do everyything seperate, I do vocals usually last. I dubbed the vocal a few times so I have to do it last and seperate.

the only intrument I dont dubbed is Drums, but then agian I will combine synth drums and a real drum kit together but thats only for my industrial/ebm/goth/ bands I play in.
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I get a drum loop, record the bass, record the guitar chords, record the lead parts, record the guitar solo, mute all the guitar, record two sets of vocals, unmute the guitar, and get mixing.