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I bought my ts-100 off a friend for £30. It was sat in his house after one of his neighbours was gonna get rid of it. When I picked it up and took it home, it was dirty and battered. It was a right pain in the arse to transport back to my house because it was so damn heavy. When I managed to take it upstairs I noticed I had no room for it. Now it has to live in my living room. It lives a quiet life, with the odd beer placed ontop of it. Its nicely postioned tucked away next to the sofa so anyone can place stuff ontop of it and get sticky marks over it. When I bought him (I've got no name for him yet, and its a he not a she because it looks so beat up) I wish I had tried him out, because the drive channel really sucks. It may be broken, because there isnt much gain, it just increases the volume. Dont get me wrong though, the cleans are really awesome. I'm on about old school, really good for a transistor amp. It has a decent reverb to. Features;

~ Dates back from about 1980 to early nineties I think
~ 120w All solid state.
~ 2x12" Setup.
~ Channels; Channel A (Gain, Bass, Treble). Channel B (Gain, Boost, Bass, Middle, Treble, reverb)
~ Inputs / sockets; Channel A (Input & Output). Channel B (Normal input, low input <--[dont know what thats for]). Back pannel (Footswitch, lineout)
~ Made in canada

I presume its quite a rare amp, and worth a bit more than £30. I've seen the smaller version on ebay (I think its called the TS30) go for over £100 and is 30w 1x10" I think, dont quote me on that one though. I've fell in love with it ... Should It stay (Awesome clean tones for me ), or should it go (Big money ££$$). My setup would probally be the Vox valvetronix for dirty sounds (cant afford anything awesome), and the ts-100 for clean sounds. I'll stick an A/B box between the two to switch. I have a fender champ 300 at the moment which I'm slowly growing to hate, and is being traded in for a valvetronix.
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Old stuff,regardless of whether or not it's solid state or tube is ****ing awesome,especially cheap finds like the one you've scored.

To be honest actually USING old stuff is just damn cool and so I think you should keep it. If you have some spare cash some day and if you REALLY love it then I'd suggest getting that drive channel checked out.

I myself have a 1964 Lafayette 1x12 all tube combo that I use on a regular basis and its really neat to have people come up and ask what the hell it is since nobody has every seen anything like that not to mention it sounds great and can peel paint off walls(not bad for 22W!)if it has to.

Old obscure stuff rocks!