Okay so i am pondering about which one were to be a betetr choice between the

- BC Rich asm platinum pro


- Kramer Baretta Infinity Sustainer

(They both have the Floyd rose trem )

I tried them both and i both like them the same Which one!!!! Help!!!
BC rich are like a bad temporary tattoo, the only upside being once you realize the mistake you made in getting it is you can get rid of it
BC Rich tend to have a very bad trem (licenced FR) that goes out of tune all the time. I'd go for the Kramer.
Quote by azn_guitarist25
what amp do you have? what music do you play? how much is your budget

I play everything lol

But i like

rock, heavy metal, hard rock

**** liek that
I personally dont like BC Rich, i think they're only good for their "metal-cosmetics" and that all their hardwares are crap and the high end ones are just unworthily expensive. So if you like it, go for it.

Like what azn said, what's your price range and what amp do you use, maybe you could get a better guitar with better price.
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Thats what she said...
yeh BC rich is much more metally if thats what you want...it does'nt go wide spread...
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