I started using it..... TODAY! (moving on from Audacity) and my first problem:

Im recording guitar tracks. I want guitar 1 on left channel (and later guitar 2 on right channel) I PAN it 70% to the left and my only results are LOWER VOLUME.

How can i shift my singal to either R or L channel?

Im sure its the stupidest question u'l have to answer.

Thank You!

EDIT: READ NEW PROBLEM 2 replies down.

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That sounds more like a speaker/headphone problem than anything else or if your recording in stereo, make sure the left channel wave (the image waves you see in multi tracks) is about the same on both left and right channe because if its already unbalanced on that it will be unbalanced in the recording. IF it is that then make sure youre signal path is balanced right.

Obviously there is a slight loss in volume when you lean more to one speaker. Usually in the studio I dubbed the guitars 3 times, I will record the guitar and pan it to the left 100%, then record agian and pan left agian it at around 75-40% (depending what sounds good for that recording) and do another take and record and either leave it at center or pan it to the left slightly and lower the volume on that track.

so guitar dubbed 3 times, 1 track full pan, 2nd track 40-60% pan, 3rd slight pan or no pan and lower volume than the other tracks. Your guitar will sound way fuller and you should like the results, repeat for guitar 2 for same result, try it and tell me what you think.

I use Cakewalk Sonar 3 my self but after I finish the album im working on right now im switching over to Magix's Seqouia , I could of moved to Pro Tools but I love Seqouia now after using it.
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Thank you! you were right...my singal was unbalanced but i managed to fix it.

Now i realized of another more complex problem.... it looks like a looping problem.
For example i have the drums track recorded, and when i record guitar tracks the drums are somehow recorded in this new track.

I did a test: NOT play my guitar at all and let it record. I should get nothing but SILENCE right? well i can hear the drums track (i even see the waves shapes).

Im using my computer sound card. Guitar goes to the INPUT and headphones to the OUTPUT. I dont see how the sound can sneaks into the INPUT signal.

What could i possibly be doing wrong?
^ You have to make sure the recording source isnt Setreo MIx/wave mix/...ect. Make sure when you record guitar to have your Line in/Mic in source selected and leveled right.
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