So, recently i have been looking into new pickups for my Jackson SLSMG
(great guitar in terms of playibility, but its EMG Hz's Suck... bigtime)
and i was looking at Dimarzio Pickups
and i noticed that certain pickups are "best suited" for bridge and neck poisitions
but i personally hate that smooth/medium-low output sound from a traditional neck pickup...
now i was thinking
what if i combined say an X2n for the bridge, and an S3 for the Neck...
is it possible, or would it just give off horrible feedback or other issues?
more importantly, would this work out tone wise, for say Metal (thrash mostly)?
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putting a bridge pickup in the neck is STUPID. it would sound like garbage. also, you dont need a high output neck, cause the majority of metal is bridge, so you could just get something that has good cleans so your guitar is more versatile
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