I use both Fruity Loops and Reason for drums but the real trick to getting good sounding "Sampled" drums is in the quality of the sampled drums. Thats why you see song producers looking for kick ass drum samples and buying thoes drum sampled CDs since they are typically high quality drums and high quality recordings with high quality mics. Also remember DONT STICK TO PRESETS, because often enough the preset drums on any sampled drums arnt always perfect for your recording, always tune (the pitch knob) the drum kits to your recording/music. If the preset drums sound very bright and bitey and you play tune down metal, then tune the drums to that. It sounds kinda silly to have a jazzy sounding kit to a some heavy death metal, unless thats what your going with.

Fruity loops has great options with its drums, use the FPC (I think thats what its called) plug in to make your drums. Same with Reason just tweak your Redrum to match your music.

and dont forget

----------------------> EQing <-----------------------------
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^ fruity loops has a free demo, the only thing you cant do is save. you can however make your drum part then export it as an mp3, allowing you to still use it in songs.