Hey I wanna start listening to some Ska...so what are some good Ska bands (like the most popular) that I should start listening to?
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i feel like an idiot, so plz don't flame me, but is hendrix still alive?

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I incorporate shred and tapping because i am a technical player, not a simple guitarist.

streetlight manifesto is quite sick

as are the flatliners but theyre more punk with ska chords
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Reel Big Fish
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What exactly is a powerchord?

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I don't know alot of ska bands and i'm not so knowledgeable in ska, but my two favovrite ska bands are Operation Ivy and The Specials.
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The Skatalites...They're old but sound great
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the toasters are good.
im from NJ

really good local bands close to me include
The Miasmics(broke up last winter)
Arrogant Sons of Bitc*es
Long Shot Hero
Ska/Metal- The Flaming tsunamis