Hi. I'm Portugues, and my english isn't the best, so, I'm sorry for any mistakes.

How do I chose a good Effects maker ( in Portuguese, "pedal de distorção" witch means "distorcion step" =b ) I want to get a sound like Korn Bass, but I don't know how... Help, please...
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I don't think fieldy uses distortion, but I do know he uses no mids or treble whatsoever. Turn your mids and treble to 0 and slap a bit, agressively
I remember on an interview he said he never uses treble or mids, just low deep bass
GC: Your bass sound is pretty radical with a lot of extreme low end coupled with a high percussive attack and rattle. How do you get that sound?

Fieldy: I don't use any mid-range, it's all highs and lows. I take the mid-range and turn that s--t off. And when you slap, it's just real clicky sounding and when you use your fingers it's real low. I take the graphic EQ at 180Hz and I take that all the way down too. That's the style I play. I'm a drummer. I'm a drummer on bass.

Well, No mids is established, fool with the treble i guess It said he also uses a bass synth and tremolo pedal
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Thank you for the answers, but I have a question ( I have many questions, super beginner =b ). When I slap, usualy the string hits the frets, and makes an horrible noise... Is it normal? I never had bass classes, everything I know I learned from places like these...

And once again, pardon my french =b
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Yup, my strings hit the very last fret no matter what. The good stuff will over power that in your amp though, it doesn't pick up 99.5649584% of that rattling
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snd if the fret noise does come through use a compressor to get rid of it

snd? What's that?

What's a compressor? =b
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sorry, i meant to type "and", i never readthrough what i type.

A compressor can level out all yourpeaks and troughs to make your playing sound smoother or it can just stop the noise which hppens when you hit the strings. i think boss call it the limiter orthe enhancer, not sure. O and just to state the obvious, its an effect pedal
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umm i thought it was no mids, LOTS of treble.

word. boost the treble, bring up the bass a little bit and just get rid of the mids. slap hard too.
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Yeah if you want I can some up all of the Field-esque sound.....

Ok 5-String (he has a signature model Ibanez for the record), tuned 1 whole step down making it A D G C F (low to high), heavy gauge strings with a low action, heaps of bass via bass and amp and slightly more treble with no mid range what so ever, then get a Ibanez PD7 Phat-Hed overdrive/distortion pedal - turn on a bit of distortion and set the accent feacture to 2 (with the options being OFF, 1 and 2), then finally play finger-style slap but from above opposed to parrallel playing - aggresively.

There done (I haven't actually tried all of this but from what feed back I got from others this is it, and to tell the truth Fieldy wouldn't just give away all of his technique in detail to a magazine).

No mids, a bit of Bass, lots of tremble and contour. And I use a pick for a beter metal sond. With a pick, I don't need to slap.
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