I'm looking to buy a new guitar that can play basically everything. I play Rock and Metal the most. The Beatles, Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metallica, ect. and, Slayer, Lamb of God, Slipknot, As I Lay Dying, Nile.. thats basically it. My budget is around $700.

schecter c-1 blackjack or classic.
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Yeah actually, Look into Ibanez and Schecter, all very versitile guitars (Try some of the Ibanez RG's, pretty damn versitile, though I personally hate the neck.. it slows my freakishly large hands down)
alright thanks

edit: i've looked at some schecters and I fell in love with the white c-1 elite, ive read alot of reviews and people can handle rock and some metal... thanks for all your posts
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For some of that music hes gonna need a 7 string.. so... Iunno.. check out the schecter sites for a good 7 string.

None of those use a 7, only Slayer and that was 1 album.

Get an Epiphone Les Paul.
Id suggest a schecter of sorts, very great guitars
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Schecter is a good choice
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Maybe you just suck at the guitar?

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None of those use a 7, only Slayer and that was 1 album.

but Nile tune down to B# standard i think, then drop it to A#. slipknot do the same thing, but one step higher.
even if you never use the 7th sting, there are still the other 6 to use regularly.