i fiytted the invader pickup to my strat today, it sounds awesome so i decided to play loud, it feedback like crazy when im not playing, squeals really bad, could it be that i still have the original volume pot in (250k)
Mgiht be a grounding problem. Or you just put on a buncha distortion.
no its just that your amp causes it to feedback. My Kramer 1984 which has a Gibson copy of a hotter JB copy pick up (Gibson 84t) in it causes my amps to feedback alot too. Just get a Boss Noise Suppressor and it'll totally solve your problem.
No, dont buy the boss noise suppressor

buy the ISP decimator.
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how much are those, and what are they lol?

I've seen them for $120 US at http://www.8thstreet.com/product.asp?ProductCode=1554&Category=Guitar_Effects

(They have some mad bargains on ebay if you wanna try, but thats your choice....)

I'm in the same situation as you - and everyone suggests either the ISP noise Decimator or the Rocktron Hush pedals to eliminate unwanted noise and feedback.

hope that helps,

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yeah thats cool thanks, i just found out if i turn the distortion down a tiny bit it eliminates teh feedback, but my mate sed if i get it sheilded it will help??
I belive you need a 500k pot for a humbucker otherwise tone is trebly which at teh high volumes you speak of would cause feedback

Some please tell me im talking rubbish or back me up.
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ok i have just realised that the strings dont line up exactly with the pick up poles. does this matter it still sounds great at lower levels of distortion
it's doesn't effect anything a lot, it shouldn't cause feedback. But, it it sounds like it's just some feedback, you get at high levels of gain, everyone gets it. If you wnat ot get rid of it, like everyone else said, get an isp decimator.