Well I just recently completed my rig exactly how I wanted it to be. I just need a distortion pedal now and I have everything else covered, chorus/wah/delay/ and compressor. I need a really good distortion, one that doesn't drown out the notes. I've tried almost of all of the digitech pedals minus the metal master and I don't think it's worth my time. What pedals should I check out?? I play mostly rock and metal.
i dont know alot about distortion pedals but i have a rocktron silver dragon and i think it sounds good
get a good tube amp and use a overdrive as boost. thats metal right there.
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boss metal zone mt-2

please, go sit in a corner.

Ok, theres a bunch...

VisualSound Jekyll and Hyde

Rocktron SilverDragon or the rackmount Gainiac (both equiped with one 12AX7 tube)

Boss MD-2

so on...so forth...
I don't want a tube amp, I have many of them this is just for my moms house thanks I'll check out the silver dragon.
Well, I got a Boss DS-1 Distortion for Christmas, and IMO it has quite a nice sound (so long as you're not a ****ing idiot and turn the tone all the way up). With proper tweaking of settings and EQ on your amp in addition to the pedal, you can get a decent variety of tones from it. Price is pretty good too.

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DS-1, i like it coz its really average. A good average that is, not too excessive and not to shabby either. Its really right in the middle and very good. Its really cheap, about $40 from musiciansfriend, zzounds or music123
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