i might have some money coming in for cds, i can buy maybe four, but i need some recomendations, i love zeppelin, van halen and mostly heavier stuff, but i defedently want one to be neil young, i was thinking about...

neil young- tonights the night, harvest, rust never sleeps, i cant decide

rolling stones- london years

cream- greatest hits

ozzy osbourne- diary of a madman or blizzard of ozz, whats better?

and you guys know me ive been around for a while. so you know what i like...
diary of a madman for sure
Motley Crue 2/11/06!
Motley Crue/Aerosmith 11/21/06!
Sanctity/BLS 3/12/07!
Bleeding Through/Slayer/Manson-7/25/07!
A7x/Operator/the Confession/Black Tide 11/25/07!
Van Halen 2/12/07!
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id get disraeli gears before creams greatest hits
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it depends on what kind of neil you want
if you want his rock grunge type james than go with everybody knows this is nowhere
or after the gold rush
harvest is mainly folk/acoustic
but you cant go wrong with rust never sleeps...best of both worlds
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What you gotta buy from Van Halen: Van Halen 1, 1984, 5150, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge and Live Without a Net.
I know the perfect album for you-

Ragged Glory by Neil Young. Let's put it this way, Heavy distortion + Neil Young + Crazy Horse = Ragged Glory.
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