I've been really curious as to what the difference is between "Dark" sounding amps (5150/6505) and "Bright" sounding amps (XXX), can someone please explain?
bright is more like ac/dc , overdrive and stuff as dark is more a metal, sound with sounds like metallica, slipknot...
its pretty self explanitory...
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Dark - basically around the low end, bassy spectrum, sometimes muddy.

Bright - Highs, all about high end, sometimes even harsh or twangy.
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I guess I figured they're would be a greater difference (played both the XXX and 6505) they seem to both cover metal well and both have a huge bottom end (from my experience) but the 6505 did had more bass (felt like atleast).

Thanks for the help.
The 5150 II is supposed to be a brighter, at least I have one and I don't find it dark at all, with the right settings.