So I've had 3 lessons so far with my guitar teacher, and I haven't learned any scales yet. So far, I've just learned how to pick a simple song, as well as play the chords (and pick) few other simple songs. Is this the "normal" way to learn, or should my teacher be teaching me some scales by now?
dont rush it, you need to know your chords and all the stuff first. scales are useless unless you know what key youre in, and order to know what key your in, you need to know your chords.
He should get around to it soon, but you need to learn picking techniques and stuff first, so you can play them properly. Give it a lesson or two more, and if he hasn't started by then, tell him you want to learn some. Why are you asking us and not him? He is your teacher, so let him know if you're concerned.
Cool, thanks guys. Yeah, I do plan on asking my teacher about it, but I'm also still evaluating my teacher to make sure he's good... so I wanted to check and make sure that him not teaching me scales yet isn't a bad sign.