Looking down at the pot
and to my surprise,
Little white fish with big brown eyes.

Stab! With a stick!
Stab! Grab a lick!
Oh, ick!
Makes me sick!

Mix it with some jungle fruit
and a little bit of spice,
but only if your bad so it comes out nice

Grab! Hold your stick!
Grab! Hold your prick!
Oh, ick!
Makes me sick!
hahaha dude that was great killer song it was great could you crit my piece forever night stand
lol... that was pretty cool... is it heavy or is it just a joke sort of song... lol good stuff though
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I never understood why a girl would take a boner as a bad thing "Oh no, your attracted to me, you sick wanker." :\ x

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Im saying this the straightest way possible, but...

I'd have sexual intercourse with your anus.
It's more or less a joke song. But it is done with an acoustic guitar. I have always admired songwriters who could tell a joke within a song. But hell, I guess that can't be right, because 80 percent of the **** now-a-days is.
You know what, that's a kick ass idea manthtscrazy! Now that I think about it, it would sound better that way. Thanks
I'm just joking with you, it's cool dude. I appreciate your honesty. At least you're not fake.
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