I just got done playing my 1st show tonight for my school and I was a nerves wreck ( I could hardly play my guitar on stage) anyways I was wondering how many people here have played in a show in front of people
I play in church all the time & I've played @ school a few times lol the first group of ppl I played for was like 30 or 40 ppl I had a blast!!
Really I played the Acoustic version of "45" by shinedown and that is a simple song to play and sing and i can play it fine but i was so nervous i could hardly play my voice was crap and everything how can you guy do it all the time im in a lot of plays so im used to being on stage?
i used to be a wreck when i first started performing...after a while though i just got more used to it...another thing that really helps me is going for a run about an hour or so before the show to clear my head...good luck with future performances....
I was nervous, then I got up there and couldnt care less what happend. It was in front of like 50-100 people, it was kind of fun.

Just go up, and PLAY. You know how to play, so just do it.

It was my first time, but the girl who i was playing with was more nervous than me, and she was shaking after the show... it was so wierd.

Just read a book or something before you go out, like biology. There was a kid in tennis who, in between sets, would sit down and read his biology book to clear his mind.
Actually if you really want some help with being able to not be so nervous in front of people, the best thing to do is to do something outrageous in a crowd of people. Like, pulling down your pants in front of a large crowd. That should get you over singing and playing in a large crowd.
i was definitely a nervous wreck the first couple of times i played in front of people like that... then after a while you get used to it and it gets better. i don't think you ever really lose ALL of that feeling though, you just eventually translate that feeling as more like excitement than nervousness.

i think one of the things that helped me alot early on was when i would think about exactly where i was and what i was doing... you know those people are there to see you. you aren't there to see them and they aren't up there playing. so you just gotta go out there and do your thing and not really give a damn. most importantly you gotta learn to have fun with it and you gotta let it show. if you're up there having a blast doing what you are doing, people will have a blast watching you do it to!
Hmmm Thx guys i was having fun about half way through and if i read my Bio book i might just fall asleep lol
You just siged that?? Thats great, but I was really being serious when I said that. But it was very funny.
Yea it is funny, i liked the idea so i used it but i dont think ill do somethis quite so extravagant