Evolution Purgatory just came in. Sounds like an awesome cd so far but I haven't been able to thoroughly examine it yet.

Anywya, I guess these guys won some "Young Metal Gods" contest and they got a record deal for their first album The Hunter. I haven't heard it but it's really rare and apparently good but not as much as Evolution Purgatory.

It's power metal I guess but it's got harsh riffs and pretty rough vocals very similar to Hansi Kursch but more pissed off. I would say they sound a lot like Iron Savior's "Condition Red," especially the production (produced by the same dude.) So if you like Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Helloween or even melo-death, you'll definately like this. Top notch cd.
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Sound sample perhaps?

Edit: Nvm: http://www.persuader.nu/

Actually they don't have a mp3 uploaded



Edit2: I don't normally like power metal, but this is a bit different, thanks for that.

Edit3: 'When Eden burns', their newest album out 15th May...

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Yea Persuader's first album is really good.
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Man I've been talking about these guys for ages and pushing them on everyone.

Great power metal, Evolution Purgatory has to be one of the best power albums there is. The Hunter was a great debute also, however, I listened over ten times to the new album When Eden Burns and am disappointed. Vocals are less harsh, the album is much more slower and riffs not as catchy as Evolution Purgatory or anyhting done on Savage Circus. It's still a pretty damn good album though.
i like them a lot

such a gay band name though..


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