I've played guitar for awhile and have wrote a few tunes and finally have decided to record. Instead of paying some studio I've decided to build my own where there are a lot of amature artists around that would pay to use it, in the long run I make money.

My question is what gear should I get (brand) for the highest quality.

The Mongoose
Get black font.

I'm not joking.

But for now, download Audacity. It's free and easy to use.
get cakewalk/protools, a decent computer (mac), look up the types of mics/amps, ect. This isnt the type of thing u wannt ask about online as it will cost over 1000.
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A good DAW, a couple of shure sm58s and sm57s. A program like Cubase, or cakewalk. A Mixer (12-24 inputs should do). A good set of balanced monitors, maybe a soundproof room if you coudl do that.

Tweakheadz.com This is a good website on recording, and makign a studio. There are also some pictures of studios some of the members made on there as well.
I have a vacant room in my basement that would be no problem to use, soundproofing it might be tricky where there is windows on the north and west walls. And I'd need soundproof glass for that and that would be another expense. I might be able to divide the room off and make it soundproof. I heard good things about Cubase, and have friends who are familiar, how user friendly is cakewalk? From the name sounds to be advertised pretty easily used.
The Mongoose
i have cakewalk, ive used it for awhiel now, its really simple to get started/add effects adn stuff. More advanced stuff might take alittle longer to learn (i still dont know anbout all the stuff i can do)
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