does it? and if so how long for?
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it doens't need ot "cure" but it needs to be properly dried. If you get it straight from a mill or soemthing, you shodu leave it in a dry corner for abotu a year or 2 (or kiln dry it) before you use it. But places like Gilmer Woods and Lmii don't need to be dried, since they are already dried and everything.
Like they said. The rule of thumb is 1 year per inch. Longer for dence wood like ebony, but shorter for things like cedar.

If you get the wood for someplace like LMI that has already properly dried the wood it is still important to keep the wood in you shop for a month or so, just so that it can climatize. If you don't do this, then the wood is going to be changing size while you are working with it and that can cause big problems.
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can you force dry it? like with a blowtorch?
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can you force dry it? like with a blowtorch?

You have to use a kiln and that can be risky. If the wood dries too fast it can crack or you can end up with casehardening. Either way you have to throw away your tonewood and start again. Its best to leave the quick drying to the pros. Kiln dried wood doesn't sound as good anyway.
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