I while ago, I had a song called "Nanking" that was inspired by the infamous Nanking Massacre (link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rape_of_Nanking ). Well, I added quite a bit to it, and I took out the poorly done vocals.

I think you'll find it pretty worthwhile...

But two things to keep in mind before hearing it:

1. It's an instrumental, so the middle part is very repetative (the new stuff is mostly at the beginning and end). HOWEVER listen to the whole thing together, because I tried to make it an "experience" (gettin' psychological here).

2. There's a very good chance you might not like it, because it's pretty unorthodox.

With that said, here's the link:


It's labeled Nanking (instrumental) + Prelude.

Btw, don't get your hopes up because, despite all the above chatter, it's not that great...

Crit for crit
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your sick, you were going for shock value and you got it, but I think its not right to play acoustic to the sound of death, and raping
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Ok... sorry about the "dark acoustic" labeling; I couldn't think of anything else. In my opinion the "genre label" isn't all that important...

And I wasn't really going for "shock value"; rather, I was trying to communicate the motif of human suffering.

Any comments about the solo?
why i didn't like it: acoustic guitar playing to the sound of people dying is just sick dude. not unorthodox, just plain sick and wrong. thats my thoughts...
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ
I didn't think it was sick and wrong. It was just, common, nothing spectacular...I'm being honest though, not uneccesarily mean though. Just, common chord progression, no lyrics, just randomness. Meh.
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^ Yeah, I def gotta record the vocals so it'll be less boring. Any comments on the "solo"?
Well, just that, it was a "solo". It just went along with the chord progression. Nothin' spectacular is all.
oh, even though i didnt like that song, i listened to the ode to ultimate-guitar. hahaha that was great. especially the "greenday sucks! no they dont." part with all the shouting haha
Originally posted by primusfan
When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ
^ Yup, we should just ignore it and pretend it's not there.

All these "AIDS Awareness" and "Poverty Relief" programs are just SICK.

Btw, for any who care, "Nanking" is an anti-war song. What better method to turn someone away from war than from pure gut feeling?
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dude that **** in the background was just innappropriate...not only did it soon become repetitive, dull, and annoying, it was completely tasteless and sick.....communicate the "motif" of human suffering??? what do you communicate?? that you can put gunfire and screams in your music and suddenly it's a "message" or "revelation"...without any lyrics it's hard to communicate anything unless you have some very detailed music and a very abstract mind working at deciphering it...i listened to your other version (with vocals) it was ok but i couldnt keep listening to that song, i'm sorry i just couldn't....i dont see how you can do that and think it has some purpose or is anyway similar to making the world aware of AIDS or poverty relief programs....

not to mention musically it completely distracted from the music which was otherwise decent, a good chord progression, flowed somewhat nicely etc...
Geez...you guys sure don't like the background stuff. Do you guys have weak stomaches, or what?

Anyways, to Jables, I didn't say I meant to raise Aids Awareness or Poverty Relief with this song; what I hoped for was to discourage people who might otherwise think, "hey, I'm sure war's not so bad!" Simplistic - yes, but I hope it to be effective. Clearly everyone who's already posted in here was already against war (and suffering) from the start.

I'm suprised by some of the strong responses in here. I figured most would be along the lines of, "Dude, this is pretty weird. I guess it's ok, it' gets kind of boring, but the solo part near the end's pretty cool. Gotta add vocals to make it more interesting."

Anyways, thanks for the feedback guys
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yawn, are you being sarcastic? I hope you are. Because if you think AIDS AWARENESS is sick. I think your the one thats sick.
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^ God, I was being sarcastic. I'm guessing you didn't read the post I was responding to. If you did, you'd understand.
Thumbs down man
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^ Yeah, I think you've already made that point more than once

On a side note, I'm flattered that the only four posts you've made on UG have been in this thread...
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I mean, I wanted to give it a chance, but nah...good luck though, with the stuff you record after. Its always good to learn from mistakes huh?
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^ Yup, I definitely know not to include any screaming dying people in future recordings.
I'm glad your flattered though. I don't post very often, but when I saw "dark acoustic", I had to see what it was about. Posting, minus today and last night, is rare for me.
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^ Did you shut it off because it was too repetative and boring or because you didn't like the intro?

(Sorry, I'm just trying to get specific feedback on how to improve the song and I'm not really getting much.)
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^ Lol, thanks. I think that was the only positive good-will comment I've EVER seen on UG. Your mom should be proud
ok so i read all the posts in the thread before i even started listening and i was expecting something just really really terrible musically and i dunno what else... but i was expecting something god awful... and well i really don't think this is really terribly musically at all. i can understand why people would be offended by the background stuff i suppose but i personally don't really consider that anymore offending than watching shindlers list or patton or scream for that matter. it's my personal opinion that the purpose of music is to communicate the author's mood, feelings, and thoughts to an audience. i don't really think anybody can say that this track doesn't effectively indicate a certain mood and/or feeling. from that standpoint i would have to say that it is a good track actually. musically it's pretty simple, but that isn't a bad thing. the progression is a good one and i like it... it may go on and on a little too long for me personally considering how simple it is. i liked the solo. it was ALOT different from what i was expecting to hear, but not in a bad way. so yeah i guess that's all i really have to say... i just thought you might like to hear something more in depth than "this is awful" or "you are sick"
^ Thank you so much man! I really appreciate that you took the time to listen to it and tell me what you personally felt about it. It means a lot to me that you offered that kind of in-depth feedback

And yeah, I wanted to do a musical equivalent of movies like Schindler's List and Hotel Rwanda, in the sense that it expresses just how bad human cruelty can be.
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^-- that being said it is even more apparent that your song was a success because i obviously got the message you were trying to convey
Doesnt fit. Its a happy sounding riff over sounds of people being murdered and screaming. Of course, maybe thats what your going for? Maybe trying to relay a message that there is pleasure in pain? Its interesting, ill give you that.
People are ignorant, no matter how many times you tell them what you're going for, they are ****ing ignorant, even when its blatantly obvious, they are ignorant, like above.

So ignore it, i still think this was pretty good, almost powerful.

btw, now that ive got a song up, could you crit?


you know what's ignorant? people not having a large enough vocabulary to come up with more apt adjectives........it's not a question of trying to figure out what he attempts to "convey", it's totally disagreeing with the style of the ways he "attempts" to do it...when musicality suffers from such "attempts" i believe people should be honest about it...you have your opinions just as we all do, but dont label mine or anyone else's "ignorant" when it is you who fails to recognize the true argument. The continual loop of screaming becomes monotonous and distracting, an innappropriate (musically and morally) constant in the song (maybe a decent intro, but nothing more than that)......that is not to say there are no high points in the song, there certainly are, but don't dare mistake an honest criticism for unscrupulous dimwittedness and shake it off as such
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I thought the chords were the most annoying thing ever...Its what. Four chords played over and over and over and over.. x1000. The background was dumb, it was looped and started to sound like a rollercoaster not someone diying.
The solo was good! I liked it, untill the electric came in. It sounds off...
It wasnt phsysicological, I just think it was a waste of time. The guitar wasnt that great on any aspect (acoustic /electric solo /distorted chords).
IMO, in order to get that feel of acoutice to be painfull and sorrow, put a huge effect on it. Weither it echo the sound, or reverb, or underwatre, something to make it big and shallow

I dont know.
It was plain.
Not fun.
Kinda pointless.
And a stupid topic.

Thumbs way down sorry.